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Atelier Senyū Collection

Atelier Senyū lacquer tableware bentō/interior décor boxes, are handcrafted with indigenous Japanese cypress (hinoki: [檜]) by Japanese traditional artisans who view wood as a living substance that is given a second life in the shape that it becomes. No nails, screws, or metal pieces are utilized in the woodworking with the sides, corners, and bottom section dovetailed together using long-established Japanese wood joinery techniques.

Using Atelier Senyū tableware in harmony with this artisan view, to enhance the visual flavor of your food is an elegantly distinctive way to add a delightful element of food plating and presentation surprise for your daily, informal social, or special celebratory meals. 

Lids and tiers are slowly lifted to reveal mouthwatering aromas and succulent  ingredients, the arrangement of your ingredients in the bentō box suggesting a certain restrained rhythm of eating. Typically slowing it down, inviting you to take a bite then put your chopsticks down for a moment, to savor the aesthetics of your meal. 

Moving from the kitchen to the living room, and throughout one's home, Atelier Senyū woodcraft can effortlessly be used as accent pieces to add a refreshing touch of Japanese aesthetic warmth and character to your home décor.

Atelier Senyū goods are multifunctional Japanese artisan collectibles that you can treasure forever, pass on to your family and loved ones, or gift to that special person. Complement your bentō tableware purchase with an additional purchase of handmade Atelier Senyū bamboo chopsticks sold as a set with our cocobolo hardwood carrying case.

Bring your homemade lunch to the office in your Atelier Senyū bentō lunch box along with your O-hashi set to express your personal style and appreciation for Japanese culinary culture! Handcrafted tea cup pinewood coasters are also available for your afternoon tea.

All products are authenticated with the artisan's hand-drawn Japanese Kanji seal. 



Here's a few FAQ tips to common questions we receive.

Q. Is there any type of food that should not be served on lacquerware?
A. Most any food can be served on lacquerware with the exception of very fatty,  greasy foods colored with artificial food dyes derived from petroleum, which may soak into the wood or discolor the finish. 

Q. Can I use lacquerware with silverware or ceramic tableware?
A. You should avoid using metal or ceramic utensils as they may scratch the topcoat. 

Q. Can I put lacquerware in the refrigerator?
A. No, wooden lacquerware may warp due to the dry environment. 

Q. Can I microwave lacquerware?
A. No! Please do not place lacquerware in a microwave. 

Q. Can I wash lacquerware normally with warm water and dishwashing liquid? 
A. Wash with a soft sponge. We recommend a plant-based organic dishwashing liquid, free of dyes and synthetic fragrances. Do not use an abrasive cleaner. Wipe dry with a soft absorbent cotton dish towel. . 

Q. Is it ok to wash lacquerware using a dishwasher? 
A. No. Rapid drying and temperature fluctuations of automatic dishwashers will damage lacquerware by discoloring and warping the surface.

Q. Can I soak lacquerware in warm water for a long time to remove pieces of food? 
A. No. It is not preferable to soak your lacquereware in water for an extended period of time.

Q. Should lacquerware be dried after washing?
A. Yes. Please dry your lacquerware with a soft cotton cloth before putting it away. Please be sure to use a clean cloth as even tiny dust particles may damage or scratch the laquerware's surface.

Q. What is the best way to store lacquerware? 
A. To avoid any damage to lacquerware, put paper towels between the dishes before stacking. Lacquerware should also not be exposed to sunlight for a long time as the color can fade or change.

Q. Is it possible to repair or repaint lacquerware? 
A. Lacquerware made from wood can be repaired. Please contact us at info@abaeran.com if you have any questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.


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