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Feel the Zen

Feel the Zen collection is an artist's palette of painstakingly designed Zen meditation cushions designed in Kyoto, Japan. Formerly the Imperial capital of Japan for one thousand years and home to more than 1,600 Buddhist temples scattered throughout the prefecture of Kyoto. The oldest among them being Kenninji, founded by the monk Yousai of the Zen Rinzai sect

Each cushion is ergonamically designed by Japanese artisans to support the positions of your pelvic and hip bones, and spinal cord to achieve the correct sitting balance when
meditating. Hand sewn as one piece embroidered with the Japanese kanji character for Zen (禅). Generously filled with firm Indian Silk wadding that will not disproportionately flatten or deflate, when sat on compared to off-the-shelf mass produced cushio

Feel the Zen cushions are also elegant Japanese companions for your personal home décor or can be recommended by discerning interior designers and decorators for your upscale clients to mix and match home or office interior aesthetics, by combining different cushion prints with the artisan thread that ties them together. 

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