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Marugoku Collection

The Marugoku Collection is a unique selection of creative goods handmade by young offenders working in craft workshops at the Hakodate Boys Prison in Hokkaido, Japan, as part of a Japan Ministry of Justice program, aimed at helping them acquire vocational skills they can use to succeed in the future

These limited production smartphone cases, pouches, half aprons, cafe aprons and reversable tote bags, are branded with a logo stitched on as a patch, and woven into the cotton fabric. Designed from the Japanese kanji for (“prison”) → (“goku”) → (“獄”) placed inside a (“circle") → (“maru”) → ("丸") denoting “a special product wholly made in prison” i.e. Marugoku. Embellished with retro-styled Japanese kanji excerpts, chrysanthemums and dragon motifs evocative of Japan's Shōwa period. 

Purchase and collect your Marugoku Collection for your personal use. Gift them as seasonal, birthday, and novelty gifts. Provide them for your staff if you own a pub or bistro. Sell them in your brick-and-mortar boutique or online shop, or share them as unique conversation pieces with your family, friends, and coworkers. 








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