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Tips to wear our traditional Japanese sandals. Read on! – Abaeran

How to wear Getals. Read on!

  •  Your Getals are symmetrically built for your left and right feet. You’ll notice a seal on the bottom to identify which foot fits which. (Left = 左 / Right = 右). The straps are handcrafted to last long, a bit stiff in the beginning like any new shoe, so here’s a few tips to help you loosen up the straps before you put your Getals on.

  • Hook your index, middle, and ring fingers under the 4 front thongs and gently stretch upwards a few times to loosen the thongs and make slack for your toes.

  • Next, hold the Getals with the back facing outwards, insert your thumbs inside both side straps and stretch them outwards to further loosen the straps.


  •  To put your Getals on place them on the floor to steady yourself and fit your toes into the toe thongs by gently pulling the side straps outwards and up.

  • Make any final adjustments by adjusting the white toe thongs to fit your toe width.

  • Remove your Getals by leaning forward and lifting your heel. After you’ve worn them for a few days the fabric will loosen up and adjust to your feet size.



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