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Feel the Zen Triune

Feel the Zen

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  • ¥17,500

Feel the Zen collection is an artist's palette of painstakingly designed Zen meditation cushions designed in Kyoto, Japan. Formerly the Imperial capital of Japan for one thousand years and home to more than 1,600 Buddhist temples scattered throughout the prefecture of Kyoto. The oldest among them being Kenninji, founded by the monk Yousai of the Zen Rinzai sect. 

Each cushion is ergonamically designed by Japanese artisans to support the positions of your pelvic and hip bones, and spinal cord to achieve the correct sitting balance when
meditating. Hand sewn as one piece embroidered with the Japanese kanji character for Zen (禅). Generously filled with firm Indian Silk wadding that will not disproportionately flatten or deflate, when sat on compared to off-the-shelf mass produced cushions.

 Product Highlights:

  • Type: Meditation cushion (Zafu)
  • Color: Black-and-White 
  • Outer Fabric: Cotton  
  • Inner Wadding: 100% Indian Silk Cotton
  • Size: Diameter: 30cm x Height 17cm  
  • Net Weight: 665 grams (Shipping weight with packing 2 kilos) 


Exquisite Zen meditation cushions from Kyoto, Japan brought to you by Abaeran Japanese Artisan Goods

Exquisite Zen meditation cushions from Kyoto, Japan brought to you by Abaeran Japanese Artisan Goods

Exquisite Zen meditation cushions from Kyoto, Japan brought to you by Abaeran Japanese Artisan Goods

Exquisite Zen meditation cushions from Kyoto, Japan brought to you by Abaeran Japanese Artisan Goods

Cleaning & Care Instructions:

Do not machine wash. For best results wipe your cushion with cold water with a well wrung cloth. Use only water-soluble cleaning products (Ph-neutral, alcohol-free, mild and odorless soaps). Do not  use any petroleum, acetone, or solvent-based cleaners. Avoid placing your cushion in direct sunlight or near any intense source of artificial lighting. If you use your cushion for outdoors meditation make sure to place a vinyl sheet under the cushion to keep it from getting wet.

Ordering & Shipping

 Available to both merchants and individual customers. Quantity is subject to availability. For additional details please see our How to order page here. All cushions are handmade and take 10~15 business days to ship from the time you place your order. Special order items that have your name, nickname, or initials embroidered into the cushions take an additional 10 days for a total of about 20 days to ship. Contact us for merchant and special order pricing.

Important Note

Goods Purchased from Abaeran for Personal Use

Please note that you may be charged import duties and/or local taxes for goods purchased from Abaeran, which your customs authority or postal service deems appropriate for goods transported across international borders. Your import duties and/or taxes are not included in the price of our goods. What is payable, if anything, generally depends on where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their transactional value and the weight of the package. Please contact your local government customs authorities or postal service for detailed information.

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds:

Each cushion is guaranteed to be as pictured and described. Carefully inspected for defects prior to packaging and international shipping. Actual value is insured free of charge. However, because each case is handmade in limited quantities all sales are final and no returns, exchanges or refunds are accepted with the exception of actual value loss for insured orders that are confirmed by Japan Post EMS to be damaged, lost, or stolen during shipping. For additional details please contact us and see our FAQ page here.

Shipping and handling charges are calculated at checkout based upon your destination and the weight of the shipment. Minimum chargeable shipping weight per cushion is (2 kilos) for all shipping zones. Sent via: Japan Post EMS.

Product Features:

  • Outstanding handmade quality and superb craftsmanship
  • Can be used for sitting meditation or as elegant companions for your home décor or recommended by discerning interior designers and decorators for your upscale clients
  • A unique product for personal or group meditation, seasonal, birthday, or as a special gift, or sold by merchants at your brick-and-mortar boutique, or online shop!
  • Can be personalized with your name, nickname, or initials 
  • Fashionable
  • Functional
  • Versatile
  • Durable


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